Tech Talk: My parents are getting older and are getting more cavities recently. Do you have any tips to help maintain their teeth?

Seniors face many more hurdles to maintaining their teeth than our younger patients. Changes in their physical health and manual dexterity, medications which can contribute to dry mouth, and receding gums and periodontal disease exposing more root surface all contribute to more cavities and possible tooth loss. Larger handle tooth brushes or electric brushes such as a Sonicare can help patients who physically struggle to hold a brush. Patients who suffer from dry mouth should avoid sugary foods and liquids and drink plenty of water to help remove plaque and acids which contribute to tooth decay. Routine cleanings and exams (at least every 6 months) can prevent small root surface cavities from progressing to the point of premature loss of the tooth. Contact us today to learn more and schedule your appointment today!